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Things To See When Visiting The NYC Theater District

Things To See When Visiting The NYC Theater District

Sometimes spelled “Theatre,” New York's Theater District is zoned as “Theater Subdistrict.” The theater District in NYC is a hot zone for entertainment. Located in downtown Manhattan, it is the home of the famous Broadway theaters in addition to restaurants, hotels, and various other go-to places for a fun filled day or night. You can find Music Row, Duffy Square, Times Square, recording studios, the Brill Building, record label offices, ABC Television Studios, Shubert Alley, and Madame Tussauds New York. The Theater District goes from West 40th Street to West 54th Street, and from east of Eight Avenue to west of Sixth.

The history of Broadway is suitably full of drama, tragedy, and glamorous light. The idea for the Theater District was first conceived over two hundred years ago in the year 1811; that was the year which city planners first began to draw up the plans for Broadway. The theater was held in high regard in the 1800s, especially during the late 1800s and around the turn of the 20th century. It was seen as a place for romance, entertainment, and high class. Investing in theaters was deemed a good financial decision because they were so loved by the general public. Time Square saw the first carbon lights in that area, giving the popularity of the theater district a boost it didn't even need.

The nickname “The Great White Way” became common after 1903 which marked the year of the first electric billboard. These billboards became very popular above every theater and were known as “spectaculars.” People would even stop their cars in order to gaze at them.

Broadways saw a strike in 1919 which lead to the majority of its theaters shutting down. A decent amount of damage was done to the financial aspect of Broadway but it did result in the agreement of a standard contract which the theaters would run their productions by. 1905 marks the first time the ball was dropped in Times Square, which has since become a historical tradition. The roaring 20s brought with them construction and the number of theaters boomed to over 70. War also bumped up the number of productions to 264 in the year 1928, most likely because people used theater as an escape from the harsh realities which war brought with it. This record has not yet been broken. Of course, the Theater District also knew its darker days when theater struggled to shine through a haze of seedy bars and brothels. This period of time lasted for several decades, but soon theater triumphed once again in the 80s and 90s.

Today the Theater District of NYC is one of the hottest destinations for tourists around the world. There are an abundance of ways to travel through the Theater District, either by foot, MTA bus, long distance bus, taxi, or subway. It holds entertainment for virtually anyone. There is music such as Jazz, dancing, and tours. There are places to shop as well as restaurants, bars, and hotels suitable for any budget. Despite Manhattan's fame for being pricey, there are still budget options for those wishing to take it easy on their pocket book. 

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